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Lawyer accused of fraud wants to sue former Brooklyn DA

A lawyer who plans to sue the former Brooklyn DA after being accused of voter fraud was was unable to obtain paperwork regarding his case. During 2013 debate between Charles Hynes and the late Ken Thompson, the incumbent was questioned about his office’s three-time prosecution of John O’Hara. Hynes was asked why O’Hara's case had been prosecuted and late Vito Lopez’s wasn’t. Lopez was accused of election fraud in polling locations in Ridgewood and Bushwick were attached to his name. Read more:

Elder Care at Home: Jewish Family Services

A grant application that helps older people live at home was sent to the state by a local not-for-profit agency that intends to maintain current programming and expand its offerings. Jewish Family Services submitted the application requesting renewal of a grant to support the Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NNORC) here in the Pine Hills. The application was sent to the New York State Office for Aging. The patchwork of offerings “have helped seniors from all segments of the community to maintain their quality of life and independence, access services, and remain connected to their neighborhoods,” said Avner. Households that are eligiblefrom this program stretch from Western Avenue to South Main Avenue down Woodlawn Avenue and around the park up to South Manning Boulevard. Read more: